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Our creations are the perfect combination between sartorial knowledge and urban chic style. We produce few and unique pieces of our designs and commit to a 100% handmade process of creation that allows us to create customized/made to measure garments. Thanks to our focus on sourcing refined materials, our garments also offer a sensory clothing experience. 



Recycled Materials

Italian Fabrics warehouse stocks

Cashmere and Wool

Silk & Chiffon

Jeans & Stretch Fabric

Ritha aims at bringing to life an idea of innovative fashion combined with sartorial knowledge. At Ritha we embrace DIVERSITY as an empowering and enriching asset. We are aware of the impact of the fashion industry, and that’s why our creative process involves the use of low-impact materials, reuse and upcycle.



The research for visual pleasure, the lights coming from my childhood games and my pure creative experimentation led me always to see a world full of possibilities rather than limits. 

I began at a young age experimenting with gender and clothes as a part of my artistic experience. I used to swap men’s and women’s attire, never seeing them as “binary”. I then started observing and recreating what I slowly began to recognize as "styles", falling in love with the power that clothes have on people’s energy. On my energy.

Ritha - Design
Ritha - Design
Rita Quinto

Filled with the desire of learning I landed in Rome where I studied Tailoring and Fashion Design at MAM – Maiami Accademia Moda. I then mastered Haute Couture’s construction, nourishing my soul with knowledge and laying the foundations of my artistic expression. This has given me the tools to make my idea of “Fashion” come to life.


After 10 years of study and research, I created RITHA.

An atypical, gender-neutral brand that offers empowering garments that don't simply embrace the body, but give it new shapes, colors and silhouettes, at the junction point of creativity, innovation and sartorial art.

RITHA celebrates individuality, diversity, beauty and the ability to re-imagine style, with authenticity and unconventionality.

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